Build – Project Management & Implementation

With structural planning and strong implementation of project management, Macro Systems is devoted to enforce comprehensive, reliable and customized IT strategy to strengthen competitiveness.

Macro Systems offers team of IT experts to plan and implement IT project management under professional procedure. We, as reliable business partner, concentrate on tailor making unique IT project to enhance business capacity and continuity.

As a comprehensive solution provider for 20 years, with abundant experience on IT infrastructure and solution, Macro Systems provides project management service which is beyond your expectation.


Services Advantages

Offer coordinative IT strategy at prioritized aspect to exert potential

Macro Systems delivers coordinative project management to enhance development flexibility per client’s priority.We understand the importance of flexibility and result-orientation in fast paced market. Therefore, we put customers’ demand on the top of the agenda in course of project planning to exert customers’ potential at greatest extend.

Always get well-prepared for IT incident to maximize problem-solving efficiency

With abundant experience and systematic management method of PMBOK, Macro Systems offers disaster prediction and prevention as well as contingency and recovery planning and execution. We cherish every single business opportunity as customers do, therefore, Marco Systems offer various approaches to seize negative impact of IT system failure.

Clear responsibility allocation and reliable implementation of project

Due to standardized approach and direct ownership of project, Macro Systems ensures cost minimizing and realistic expectation of schedule. We affirm progress of project and duty of executor is under control to coordinate with business development and cost minimization.

Client Benefits:

Client efficiently invest resources based on accurate problem solving in IT system improvement.

Macro Systems assists client to invest wisely for concurrently maintaining healthy resources allocation and efficient IT system. We cherish every single resources invested that we strive to achieve highest IT efficiency within reasonable allocation.

Consolidates business continuity and operation stability.

Macro Systems proactively monitor and health check to minimize negative impact of IT system failure.We proactively erase possibility of malfunction by performing prevention strategy in advance.

Efficient and pragmatic procedure ensures smooth and steady project management

Macro Systems reserves resources and capacity for client to focus on specialty strengthening and business enlargement. We free up customers’ resource and capacity by performing efficient and reliable IT project management which minimize customers’ intervention.

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