Design – Professional IT Consultancy Services

Professionally identify need and problem of IT system. Macro Systems designs tailor made solution for enhancing competitive edge.

Macro Systems offers exhaustive consultancy service. We are committed to raise customers’ competitive edge with customized recommendation and service. With abundant experience as a comprehensive solution provider, Macro delivers reliable consultation service on IT infrastructure and business solution.

With insight of IT strategist, Macro Systems assist customers to reach their best performance by exerting strategic planning and application of IT system and solution. We offer advice of specialists and cutting-edge solution to customers for transforming challenges into opportunity.


Services Advantages

Indepth analysis

Based on background and nature of business, Macro Systems delivers highest level of services on IT system analysis, investigation and evaluation. Since potential risk and existing problem has long been obstacle of business growth, we deliver exhaustive analysis to help customers to prepare for IT system improvement.

Problem diagnosis

To pursuit business success, Macro Systems provides improvement suggestion by detecting fault of IT system. We understand the impact of IT system failure to customers. Therefore, we dedicated in preventing, predicting and preparing for the said challenges to guard customers’ business continuity.

IT development navigation

Macro Systems orientates clients and propose IT system innovation and improvement to better suit customized need, ranging from current requirement to future development. We recognize the importance of IT system to customers’ business and strive for excellence in guiding customer to fully exert IT capacity to boost business growth while embracing new trend of market.

Client Benefits

Provision of reliable insight and analysis for IT system optimization.

Macro Systems minimizes business impact of IT system failure and potential risk by discovering faults in advance. With predictive insight, we solve problem in advance and coordinate the optimization of IT system according to business goal.

Perform efficient deployment of resources based on progressive planning and forecast.

Macro Systems facilitates resources allocation to better capture market opportunity. Based on in-depth analysis of customers’ IT system and understand of customers’ business, we provide advice which utilize resource at highest efficiency.

Profound understanding on IT systems status to assist communication and decision making.

Macro Systems facilitates internal and external understanding and advocacy of project to increase enterprise cohesion and execution efficiency. To raise understanding of how IT system improvement strengthen competitiveness, we provide report and analysis with fact and quantified evidence to assist customer to proceed decision making and implementation.

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