Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI)

Hyper-converged Infrastructure (HCI) solutions can help enterprise customers to reduce space usage, cost, and enhance IT flexibility of decision making. The solution re-designed for virtualized environment, merged all servers and storage systems into one node, which aimed to get a boost on systems’ performance and scalability. Each node can be like building blocks, the effectiveness and capacity of the system can be extended as a whole.


  • Software as core, software-defined data center
  • General x86 node that combines storage, computing, networks, and hypervisor
  • Distributed storage architecture, increasing by horizontal expansion of nodes
  • High automation, easy deployment and maintenance
  • Many nodes constitute a whole, unified management allocation of resources

Client Benefits:

  • High flexibility and resources sharing which can reduces costs

→ Upgrade can be continuous linear increase, higher efficiency and storage will be linear increase also

  • High Expandability

→ Take a modular approach to expand, you can pick a right scale as your needs and quickly meet the needs of enterprises by supporting business growth

  • High service level resiliency is strong

→ If components fail they can also run continuously, enhancing the speed of business continuity and disaster recovery

  • Accelerating the speed of IT resource providing

→ Use the new IT resources immediately to avoid the delay in business development

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