Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) becoming a trend nowadays. Macro Systems knows that many enterprises worry about the network vulnerability may cause by the negligence when employees entering the enterprise network. Macro Systems provides safety and reliability virtual desktop deployment. Integrate the resources and streamlining of terminal equipment, aimed to increase the flexibility on deployment, unified management of benefits, for enterprise to create a flexible and efficient business environment.
Desktop virtualization is a desktop computer application software system and a way of running hardware resources. Users no longer restricted to fixed desktop infrastructure, you can also use a thin computer, notebook computers, tablet computers and even mobile devices such as Smartphones to replace.

Client Benefits:

  • Centralize all resources on unified platform, resources are flexibly scheduled as needed

→ Upgrade all applications on unified server
→ Enterprise has more than one stronghold, just concentrate on maintaining servers, centralized control and effectively saves maintenance time as well as travel expenses

  • Security control is safer

→ Can force users to store data in the back-end servers or storage devices
→ Through managing interfaces to limit the use of customer installations to increase the security

  • Significant operational cost reduction

→ Lower hardware costs, power consumption, maintenance costs and management overhead

  • Increase ROI

→ do not need to upgrade the high computing device continuiosly, extend the long-term benefits, higher the ROI

  • Lower cost for business continuity and disaster recovery on your desktop

With automated failover, load balancing, backup and recovery, and other built-in data centers provide the business continuity and disaster recovery features

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