Facing Difficulties

  • Hong Kong IT team is understaffed which is not capable to provide support to mainland branch
  • IT service providers in mainland are great in amount but uneven in quality, leading to difficulty of monitoring
  • Terms and communication style in mainland and Hong Kong are different, oftenly causing misunderstanding


  • Unified service counterparty and service standard

→ When IT technical problem occurs, mainland and Hong Kong branches can receive technical support simply by contacting PrimeServe
→ Needless to contact various vendors, minimizing problem-solving duration

  • Rapid response, strengthening risk management

→ Guarantee of 1-hour response, reducing risk led by IT technical problem

  • Detailed service record, user-friendly for customer to access and review service amount of two places

→ After each supporting service delivered by PrimeServe, detailed record of related service will be uploaded to online platform which is accessible anytime and anywhere.
→ Sole and only charge, of which Macro helps to minimize operation cost

Successful Story