Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) 2


Facing Difficulties

  • Lack of computing power device, resulting in e-learning is not smooth
  • Most VDI scenarios on the market are for commercial use, not optimized for teaching purposes and the price is beyond school budget
  • Old slow computer instruction cycles, open textbooks takes time, wastes class time
  • Software problems frequently happen,computer faults happen from time to time in the classroom, teachers for individual students to solve problem and cannot take into account all students resulting teaching progress blocked
  • Constrained e-learning space as Windows systems are placed indoors. Teacher failed to carry out outdoor education


Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)


  • Unified hardware and software configurations can save time and smoothen operation experience

→ Time saving, smooth operation can encourage students to grasp the recess time to use a new system to learn

  • Uniform specifications of hardware and software, significantly improve its management efficiency

→ Unity upgrading and repairing
→ Increased efficiency and significantly reduced storage costs and repair time

  • Fully use the function of e-learning

→ Connect to the school file system anytime and anywhere. Upload and download the data you want. Teacher is free from the restrictions on lesson preparation and the adequate prepareration can enhance the quality of teaching

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