Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)


Facing Difficulties

  • Enterprise has a number of branches which dealing with different businesses
  • Need to spend a lot of time on terminal installation and updating software program individually
  • Need to deal with end user enquiries often
  • Many users (especially management and sales staff) have submitted enquiries to IT, hoping to allow them log into the company’s system an relevant apps at any time with personal mobile devices


Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)


  • Simplify management and deployment, cost savings

→ Software installations and updates can be integrated in the data center
→ To provide fast and efficient upgrade and deployment of new applications
→ Reduces the number of servers

  • Compatibility testing and deployment of applications increased at a rate of 75%
  • Workers can work anytime, anywhere, greatly improving working efficiency

→ Employees can login and use relevant apps wherever they are

  • Efficient user experience

→ To improve efficiency of application-level processing to distribute traffic and effectively meet the peak demand
→ Maintain the page download speed, directly enhance the user experience

  • Improved business systems and data security

→ Save all data in the data center, transferring confidential data and information do not need a network ever
→ Data can also be prohibited through the permission from being downloaded by user, to ensure that users cannot take away or forward important information

Successful Story