The Gen-Z Workspace Is Ready.

Macro Systems is going to Cloud Expo Asia 2020.

Visit our intelligent workspace solution on 23rd & 24th September

 “Anywhere, Innovative, Secure”

– In Macro, we believe these are all the essential work elements for the new generation.
Therefore, we are going to showcase the Gen-Z workspace in the Cloud Expo for you.



Virtualization Platform

“Work in a Space, not Place”
We created a virtual workspace to free talents from the physical work desk and enjoy working anywhere, anytime by any devices as they wish.




Work smarter yourself and with your team.
We built an AI platform to make data work no longer boring, but inspirational.
With convenient collaboration tools, all the fantastic findings can be spread smartly.



Cyber Security

The generation difference of cybersecurity is illustrated by proactivity and completeness.
To realize the gen-Z workspace, we modernize the cyber protection from users’ devices to IT core and predict the cyber risks to protect data in advance.

Time to the show:

2020/09/23 09:00:00