[Media Coverage] Announced the establishment of DataCube Research Centre To Grab the opportunity on big data analysis

To foster Hong Kong big data application and build Hong Kong as a smart city, China Information Technology Development Limited (CITD, Stock Code: 8178.HK) and its subsidiary Macro Systems, a system integration service provider, today announced the establishment of their first big data research centre in Hong Kong – DataCube Research Center (DataCube).
In accordance with the 2017 Policy Address announced by the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government, it reaffirmed the Government’s commitment to develop Hong Kong into a smart city by using innovation and technology to enhance urban management and improve people’s livelihood. Smart city is defined as a people-oriented information technology, Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud computing solution, that utilize big data to support urban management and services, in order to optimize resources consumption. However, the current big data analysis in Hong Kong is still in its infancy. According to the Microsoft “Asia Digital Transformation Study” issued in March 2017, only half of the enterprises are in progress with specific digital transformation initiatives for selected parts of their business operations. In the view of this, CITD took lead with Macro Systems to open DataCube Research Centre for enhancing and driving big data research, analysis and application, in a hope to nurture more talented data scientists and analysts to contribute to Hong Kong’s development into a smart city.
The DataCube Research Centre will focus on assisting local enterprises in the adoption of big data applications and inviting veteran data scientists to share and enhance related platforms for academic exchanges and other related projects. DataCube has adopted the latest hardware technology from Huawei Technology Co., Ltd. (Huawei), and the excellent integration technology platform and quality management from Macro Systems. Not only to provide a good demonstration for future big data applications and talents cultivation, but also to foster a local group of data talents and enhance the public awareness of data applications, hence help them to seize the opportunity.
Mr. Peter Chan, General Manager of Macro Systems, commented, “We have been working with Huawei for many years and we shared the vision to advocate big data application in Hong Kong. As Huawei4-Star Channel Partner, DataCube Research Centre is fully equipped with Huawei’s hardware technology, which lays a milestone for the 5-year business partnership journey for the two companies. In the future, we will continue to work with Huawei, to navigate big data applications in Hong Kong with DataCube Research Centre. ”

Showcase the latest big data hardware platform
DataCube Research Centre is more than 2,000 square feet, which provides meeting venue for Macro Systems technical team to meet with its clients and provide the most appropriate big data solution. The spacious centre also offers a demo room to showcase the latest hardware platform. With years of experience in Macro Systems to tailor-made information technology solutions for its clients, DataCube will be able to provide the most in-depth analysis for their business to realize the big data value.
Nurture local data analysis talent
DataCube will organize different workshops on a regular basis to increase public awareness and broaden the discussion on big data. In addition, DataCube will work with local tertiary education institutions to provide internship opportunities for students, so that the young generation could devote extensively to big data and understand the wide range of applications in different industries and occupations. All in all, more talented and enthusiastic data analysts will be contributing Hong Kong.

Mr. Danny Wong, Chairman and CEO of China Information Technology Development Co., Ltd., said, “To assist digital transformation of enterprises, we need to optimize data analytic and plan for all-rounded transformation strategy, so as to overcome the challenges brought by neighboring countries in Asia, as well as grasping the opportunity brought by the “One Belt, One Road” strategy of the Chinese Government. The big data insight could definitely help companies to optimize their business models, enhance employee efficiency and innovate their products, and ultimately lift their competitiveness. ”