Cross-region Resources Utilization

About Client

The client is a leader in the property management sector.
They are now managing more than 100 millions square feet total building area, including most famous shopping mall in Hong Kong and Mainland China.

Double Regions. Double Cost?

The client provided a mobile app for those under managed mainland properties. The App is storing huge residents’ personal data and whenever new properties subscribe to their service, the data quantity will rapidly increase. At the same time, Chinese law regulated all data must be stored in the province only.

It means they are facing a cost challenge from building up a local data center and recruiting an IT crew to support the data center operation in Mainland China.


One Cloud Utilizes Two Regions’ Resource.

Cloud is the best way to save their investment. With the Cloud, the data center is unnecessary. We set up a cloud server for the client and allow them to access those data between Mainland China and Hong Kong.


Save Time.

Save Effort.

The solution eventually helps the client to save huge CAPEX & OPEX in IT infrastructure & operation talents in Mainland China. Besides, the instant cloud deployment feature benefits them by shortening the IT resources deployment time to a few minutes only. The clients can then maintain the App performance whenever there is a certain amount of new residents join in.


Reduce Infrastructure



Deployment Time

Stable App


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