About Client

The client is an ambitious fintech startup company.

They built up a platform to unify various financial products for consumers to compare and purchase products conveniently.

The Challenge

Similar to other startup companies, the client is facing a challenge about time to market. They need to launch their product & information as soon as possible to make themselves competitive and fast-growing.

However, the physical IT infrastructure becomes a constraint to the objective. Yet, the high TCO of a data centre and IT management talent are strong challenges for a startup company too.


TCO of Data Centre

IT Management


For the client, Cloud is better described as infrastructure-as-a-Service. We set up the cloud environment quickly for them to replace traditional hardware purchasing and hosting. The client then uses the cloud as a normal data center to support daily operations.

Grow In A Fast-paced World

After deploying the cloud, the client successfully evaded heavy infrastructure investment such as procurement and operation.

Infrastructure is no longer hardware, but a service for them. The monthly payment method also offered them agility on cash flow to support their growth.

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