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Industry: Property Development


With different businesses, our client’s IT team had to spend lots of time on support and maintenance.
Meanwhile, the management team and sales team are always out of the office. To keep productivity, remote work came to their minds.


Knowing the value of IT to the business, they would like to enhance the IT team’s efficiency by shifting the heavy workload from support and maintenance to valuable IT projects.
Though remote work helps keep the mobile workers’ productivity, the security concern held them back to make the decision.
User experience was another concern. No one would like to see the productivity was hindered because a new solution was deployed and the users found it difficult to use.

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Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

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How Macro Helps:

An enterprise cannot allow the business disrupted, neither do Macro. We tested the compatibility of all hardware and software to ensure the related systems and devices could be used in the environment of VDI.
According to different users’ business functions, different VDI set up was configured.


Speed Up

After the detailed compatibility test and PoC, VDI enables easy IT management and support. The compatibility test and application deployment are also speeded up by 75%.

Better User Experience

With VDI, the efficiency of application-level processing to distribute traffic is improved.

Keep Data Safe

While all the data is kept in the data center, no more concern about the risk of data leakage.

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