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About Client

Industry: Property Development

Background: As a historical and large-scale property developer, our client has enormous emails in the email system. All the emails cannot be deleted due to the requirement from compliance.



Without an efficient email archiving solution, our client spent unjustified time and money on handling and managing the numerous emails.
End-users also voiced out that it was time-consuming to search for a particular email in the sea of emails.


Email Archiving Solution

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How Macro Helps:

As a professional and experienced IT professional, Macro transformed the outdated IT system into a sustainable IT system together with the client.
To make the IT system sustainable and supportive of the existing and future business, a centralized management platform was built.
We removed lots of hardware to streamline the structure.



One solution solves everyone’s agony.
The management team is glad to see the cost of email management drops dramatically. The end-users are happy that they no longer need to waste so much time searching for an email. The time now is spent on productive tasks to enhance business performance.
Certainly, the data is well protected by hosting information to the data center.


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