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About Client

Industry: Publishing

Background: As the largest publisher in HK going through decades in the industry, our clients would like to transform in their business structure to breakthrough and keep pace with time.


  • Without the guidance of IT professionals, even though our client invested lots in IT, the utilization rate of IT resources is far from satisfactory.
  • Lack of integration, the operational deployment led to the business island. The collaboration was missing in the office.
  • Outdated IT systems caused different risks to the business operation and the high management cost.


Digital Transformation Solution

How Macro Helps:

As a professional and experienced IT professional, Macro transformed the outdated IT system into a sustainable IT system together with the client.
To make the IT system sustainable and supportive of the existing and future business, a centralized management platform was built.
We removed lots of hardware to streamline the structure.


Flexible & Sustainable

Less Hardware & Space Usage

Operational Cost Drop Significantly

Opens Up The Opportunity of Big Data

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