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About Client

Industry: Public Sector

Background: Most information is sensitive and the leakage may affect society severely. Security is their top priority but it undermines communication.


To prevent data leakage, the existing email system could only be logged in within the internal browsers. Yet, this prevention undermined the productivity of the staff. Once they were out of the office, they failed to access emails.
Due to compliance, the emails must be kept for years. It occupied a significant part of the storage and a cost involves.


Email Mobility Solution

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How Macro Helps:

Highly Secured E-mail

Considering that our customers have an absolute requirement for security, a highly secured email system is a must.

Improve System Management

To balance security and mobility, we have built an email system that can be accessed securely via external Internet while enabling efficient archive management and email storage management for our customers.

Recovery Function

In order to upgrade the defenses of the email system, we have also built in a good recovery function for the email system.

Delete Duplicate Data Automatically

Data is not stored in other systems, and there is an automatic data deletion feature for duplicate data.



The client successfully accesses email securely even if they are out of the office. No more concern about data leakage and compliance.


Automatic delete of duplicated data minimizes the local storage and cost.


Archiving outdated and rarely used data saves the storage and raises the efficiency of the server. The backup duration is also shortened.

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