VDI or DaaS? This case will tell you the answer.

VDI On-premise or On-Cloud?
Just 5 minutes, you will know whether to use VDI on-premise, on Cloud, or even a hybrid model is your best choice.
VDI projects are often carried out per management request; but when you have experienced how VDI improves security and realizes remote office, you will surely love this solution!
However, when your VDI project expands, you may fall into the myth of choosing on-premise mode or follow the market trend to put it on Cloud.
On-premise allows you to control and manage the data yourself, while VDI on Cloud (Desktop as a Service, “Daas”) can improve the deployment speed and cost flexibility.
As long as you identify your application scenarios and needs, you can easily get rid of the myth.
After watching this video of a conglomerate client, you may make your decision between VDI and DaaS much easier.

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