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As the certified partner of the major cloud providers, we help you choose the most suitable clouds and solutions based on your situation.

With our hands-on project experience for 20+ years, we guarantee your successful cloud journey to any combination of cloud resources.

Awarded with international standards like ISO 20000 and ISO 27001, we provide a trustworthy cloud-managed service that simplifies and optimizes your cost, security, and risk management.

Collaborate with the globally recognized cloud providers.

Provide the best cloud solutions to you.


Highlighted Cloud Solutions and Services


  1. Allow users in Mainland China to access corporate applications and resources overseas.
  2. Improve users’ experience of Internet services across China and overseas regions.
  3. Set up your cloud data centers in different locations without local support teams.

What you may need (Take Alibaba Cloud as an example):

Elastic Compute Service (ECS), Cloud Enterprise Network (CEN), Server Load Balancer (SLB), Smart Access Gateway (SmartAG), VPN Gateway, VPC


  1. On-premises/ cloud-based VM migration
  2. Database migration (Data centre to the cloud; cloud to cloud)
  3. Business application migration to cloud (data centre to the cloud; cloud to cloud)

What you may need (Take AWS as an example):

Amazon EC2, EBS, RDS, VPC, VPN, CloudEndure, AWS Database Migration Service


  1. Off-site backup for on-premises workloads
  2. Backup for cloud workloads
  3. Replacement for the tape library (long-term data archiving) 
  4. Pay-as-you-go disaster recovery

What you may need (Take AWS as an example):

Amazon S3, EC2, EBS, VPC, VPN, Veeam Backup and Replication


  1. Pay-as-you-go workspaces for occasional work-from-home (WFH) demands.
  2. Centralized provision and management of workspaces for overseas offices.
  3. Replacement for on-premises virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI).

What you may need (Take AWS as an example):

Amazon WorkSpaces, WorkDocs, FSx for Windows File Server, VPC, AWS Active Directory Service


  1. Secure your websites, web applications, and core business data with web application firewalls (WAF).
  2. Provide single sign-on and multi-factor authentication to help protect users from cybersecurity attacks.
  3. Reduce intrusion risks of hosts and databases with automated security assessment, management, and protection.

What you may need (Take Microsoft Azure as an example):

Application Gateway, Azure Active Directory, Azure DDoS Protection, Azure Security Center


  1. Accelerate your websites, mobile apps, and application services
  2. Accelerate your enterprise applications 
  3. Accelerate your enterprise VPN connections

What you may need (Take Alibaba Cloud as an example):

Global Accelerator, CDN, DNS, Global Traffic Manager


To establish secure connections of low latency and high bandwidth.

(e.g. Between on-premises database servers and web application hosts on the cloud)

What you may need (Take Huawei Cloud as an example):

Direct Connect, VPN, Cloud Connect, VPC Endpoint


To enable secure remote work and reduce costs leveraging Microsoft 365 with Microsoft Teams.

Cloud Managed Service





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