Do you face the following Challenges on Cloud Migration?

  1. Required Skills for New Cloud Platform
  2. Data Classification and Determine it is good on Cloud
  3. Data Governance, Trust, and Quality for Corporate Compliance
  4. Building the Cloud Migration Plan
  5. Dealing with Legacy Systems

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Our Capabilities

Infrastructure Migration

On-Premise File Storage to Azure Files

No matter whether your files are stored on your desktop, disk storage, or a server, it is time for you to explore if a better alternative is available for collaboration with your team.

Microsoft Azure file shares are suitable for general-purpose file data. With Azure File Sync, you can cache the contents of several Azure file shares on servers running Windows Server on-premises.

For an app that currently runs on an on-premises server, storing files in an Azure file share might be a good choice. You can use Azure file shares or Azure Disks for shared storage.


Platform Migration

Moving from AWS to Alibaba Cloud

Source server farms can be IDC servers, virtual machines (VMs), cloud hosts on other platforms, or other types of servers that you want to migrate. Users can save time with migration processes.

Let’s say you have virtual machines running on AWS and you would like to calculate how much this infrastructure would cost in Alibaba. A migration plan is incomplete without a backup plan. There is always a non-zero probability for errors to happen in a migration process, and damages are often irreversible. Schedule migration notifies users if there is any downtime expected during the cut-over.

The migration tool helps to analyze your infrastructure and shows you how much spending you can save by migrating from Alibaba Cloud.

Database Migration

Database Consolidation for Data Analysis

DTS allows you to simplify data transmission and focus on application development.

You can use DTS to migrate data between homogeneous and heterogeneous data sources. This feature is suitable for the following scenarios: data migration to Alibaba Cloud, data migration between databases within Alibaba Cloud, and database splitting and scale-out.

The data migration process includes schema migration, full data migration, and incremental data migration. During incremental data migration, the data in the source instance is synchronized to the destination instance in real-time. You can verify businesses in the destination database. After the verification succeeds, you can migrate businesses to the destination database.


Application Migration

On-Premises VDI to AWS Workspace

Macro Systems are specialized in managing both on-premises and cloud-hosted environments, We assist customers with the design and implementation of a variety of technology solutions, including virtual desktop infrastructures.

To maximize the below benefits of using Cloud-based Desktop as a Service (DaaS) like AWS workspace, including:

  • Reduced operating costs associated with an on-premises data center
  • Maintained business continuity by preserving user profiles
  • Provided anywhere access to IT assets

We are helping our customers to tackle the challenges and work together with end users to design a solution that helps you to move their on-premises environment to DaaS while maintaining user profiles and leveraging the existing VDI client.