What can you do to take the benefits of Microsoft 365 even further?

Our team offers a layer of services and expertise that makes takes your cloud transition easier, faster, and with more effective business outcomes.


M365 through Macro

Cloud Managed Services

Cloud Migration

Simplify your access to M365 by purchasing your licenses directly from Macro Systems.

Support that solves issues faster,answers your workforce’s queues around M365 apps.

Removes the hassle and mitigates the risks involved in your migration.


Building a digital workplace with Microsoft

By benefiting from the expertise and smart M365 solutions! You can find exactly the office solutions that will drive your company forward. Use the complete service package from virtual desktop, Microsoft TEAMS and cloud-managed service to enable secure remote work and reduce costs leveraging M365.


Optimize the network speed of office applications

Macro Systems managed SD-WAN Service provides a robust and cost-effective network solution with centralized management and remote provisioning to help enterprises secure interconnection between branches.

Migrate Email to O365

With over 20 years of experience in email migration, Macro Systems has helped millions of users in a wide range of industries including banking, finance, manufacturing, retail, and more, helping them to securely and compliantly set up in the Office 365 cloud to ensure a smooth migration to the cloud.