We make every solution smart for you.


As an integrated solution, HCI maximizes computing capacity and reduces costs while enhancing responsiveness to the changing business demands.

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Users no longer restricted to fixed desktop infrastructure.

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cloud solutions with a view to freeing the productivity of enterprise IT dept.

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Get Rid of Cyber Attacks And Protect Your Digital Asset


We make every service smart for you.

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Professional IT Consultancy Services

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Project Management & Implementation

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IT Managed Services

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Cloud Managed Services

Case Study

We make every business project smart for you.

About Macro

Founded in 1997, we provide innovative product and service over the decades to customers.

As a member company of CITD group (SEHK: 8178), we successfully leverage our Solution Demo Centre & Data Centre

to serve clients with the comprehensive solutions, from infrastructure, cybersecurity, IoT to AI sectors.

Build a digitalized smart society together