With the rise of digital transformation and cloud computing, many businesses are in dire need of scalable, reliable, and flexible cloud Solutions. Macro Systems knows what it takes to be successful in the market which helps businesses in all sectors to tap into and scale up in China.

Our Capabilities


Strengthened Resiliency

High-speed Interoperability

Ease of management

Allow users in Mainland China to access corporate applications and resources overseas.

Improve users’ experience of Internet services across China and overseas regions.

Easy Set up and maintain your cloud data centres in different locations without local support teams.

Macro Systems offers the best solution for Easy access to comprehensive, cost-effective cloud services in Mainland China

Macro Systems X Huawei Cloud: Go China with Cloud


Optimize the network speed of office applications

Macro Systems managed SD-WAN Service provides a robust and cost-effective network solution with centralized management and remote provisioning to help enterprises secure interconnection between branches.