What is Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)?

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) is a solution to enable desktop service for users to continuously work anywhere, anytime on any device. VDI empowers users to always securely connect to their work desktop with the same experience. It leverages the centralized resources and terminal equipment flexibility to create an efficient and productive business environment.

Find the most desirable VDI deployment model for your unique business scenario.

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All-rounded Expertise.

Globally Recognized.

Macro Systems holds more than 23 years of experience which well recognized by the major VDI market. Our high-quality service and partner awards further proved our excellent professionalism.

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The Comparison of Various VDI Solutions

We understand that you are looking for the best VDI solution. And you may not want to spend too much time entertaining various solution providers. Here you can gather all the information you need with a few clicks.

Why Virtual Desktop Infrastructure?

When the world is stepping to the digital era, transformation is essential to maintain company competitiveness. Therefore, be productive in a secure manner becomes the biggest challenge now.

Inefficient Work

Management Difficulty

Inconsistent Experience

Data Leakage

Device Risk

Insider Threat

“New Definition Of Work. Start From VDI.”

VDI re-defined work and boost the efficiency to benefit all stakeholders.
We can now work as usual, anywhere anytime by any device.

More Than Remote.
It Is Virtualized.

VDI does not just enable users to connect with their workspace desktop as common Remote Desktop Service (RDS) applications do. Furthermore, it successfully virtualized users’ workspace desktop to utilize IT resources and reduced unnecessary hardware and software.

Flexible Choice.
Full Desktop or Just App.

Base on different business natures and demands, VDI offers virtualization options of the complete office desktop or just the essential work applications.

Security In The Competency.

VDI can offer superior security through its comprehensive architecture and integration. No matter deploying on-premise or on-cloud, its end-to-end protection always safeguards users from device and network threats.

Unified Experience Always.

The experience of using VDI is the same across different devices. Whenever you log in, you can always find everything in the same place or continue your last steps.

Values Anywhere.

Hassle-free Work Agility

The trending work-from-home and BYOD (Bring-your-own-device) culture are now achievable with the agility offered by VDI.

Centralized Management

No more complicated IT asset management.
Just a single portal to oversee all resources, control risk, and apply an upgrade to everyone.

Resources Utilization

The elastic resources drawing feature utilized existing IT resources and mitigated hardware related costs in the long term.

VDI Case

How an MNC centralizes IT management of all branches by VDI to boost efficiency and security.

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