Big data is not a monopoly for large corporations, but a compass that every business must have to guide your business in the right direction.
From data collection to data analysis, every step is a professional one. A professional team will make your journey to big data easier and more convenient.

What Is a One-Stop Data Service?


We know that many businesses understand the importance of big data but are at a loss when it comes to the complexity of data. How do you ensure that you have a robust and appropriate IT infrastructure in place to build your data journey before you collect data? Where does the data come from? Once the data has been collected, how do you uncover the deeper meaning of the data? For each of these questions, you may need an expert to help you solve them.。

Macro understands your concerns, so we work with our professional partners to solve them for you. From the preparation of the platform before data collection to the channels of data collection to the analysis of the data after collection, Macro always accompanies you through the process and be your only focal point, reducing communication time throughout the project and allowing you to use your data more efficiently and effectively.

Why Can Macro Help You?

IT infrastructure

IT infrastructure

Over 23 years of experience in building the most secure IT infrastructure and network architecture to ensure that every piece of critical data is available to your data storage.

Data collection

Data collection

Our professional partners have designed counters for countless companies and have been awarded numerous patents to help companies successfully collect customer data and send it to the back office.

Data analysis

Data analysis

AI data analysis platform and BI data visualization platform designed by professional data scientists for you to quickly analyze data and visualize it in a BI platform.

Highlighted Data Collection Devices & Systems

Support various payment methods to collect the most comprehensive payment data

QR code scanning to track users’ every action

A variety of interactive methods that are Flexible and tailored to the users’ and your needs

BI Canvas Self-Service Visualization Platform

Simple and Easy to Use

Drag-and-drop interaction for easy visualization of charts and dashboards

Outstanding Performance

Million-dollar data analysis with second-rate response to support a wide range of analysis scenarios

Agile Self-Service

Data preparation, report generation and data analysis on one application


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