How All-Flash Storage Can Help Big Data Development in the FSI Industry

The digitalization trend has prompted the FSI industry to reshape IT systems and applications

The technology rebuild process is to consider whether it is necessary or when to introduce All-Flash storage. All-Flash storage with higher I/O rates and non-moving components, can help financial institutions cope with the challenges of increasing competition in the digital world effectively.

Take risk management as an example: Banks are required to maintain a more conservative degree of risk, which directly affects how much money the bank can invest with. Banks need real-time monitoring of their risk levels, while full-flash storage can provide large-scale analysis capabilities. So that customers understand the financial institutions to be invested in which the market, improve investment capacity.

Industry application

Financial industry: strengthening the core banking system, to achieve customized dual live and virtual integration, optimize the banking business process

Securities industry: easy to deal with the peak of the opening of the data, break the I / O bottlenecks, to solve the lack of space and power pressure

Insurance: Eliminate traditional storage hotspots with high performance to achieve storage acceleration, bid farewell to mass load