How enterprise protect the data in BYOD work-space

How enterprise protect the data in BYOD work-space

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) become a trend. Most of the industries have been increasingly relying on mobile devices, Macro Systems understands the potential risk of information security, such as security loophole derived in course of using devices. Therefore, Macro Systems provides on-demand and adjustable Enterprise Mobility Management Solution, as per various layers of scenarios, establishing an IT mobility environment to achieve the best balance between convenience and information security.


i) Strategic deployment in user profile

Customize user profile based on access level and demand, allocating resources efficiently, and achieving precise control on information circulation and Apps security

ii) Information Security Management

Implement all-rounded security management on devices, commercial Apps and content in the mobile devices of enterprise’s employee; container is set in staff device to separate official resources from personal space
In accordance with industrial regulation, best practice and arrangement on workers’ device usage, customized managing policy applied to device, application and digital content is made to ensure seamless linkage of different layers of security