New Retail Profit Strategy: Digitalization From Pricing To Sales


□ 20% Discount      □ 20% Profit

Which will you choose?

Why Not Both?


Macro allied with smart solution experts to introduce the series of new retail strategy!

From sales strategy, product pricing to product launch.

AI upgrades the efficiency of the whole selling cycle thoroughly!

No more difficulty to increase customer traffic and sales profit simultaneously!

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Event Content

  1. New Retail Strategy & AI Pricing To Maximize Profit
    New retail strategy helps enterprises improving sales effectiveness
    Maximize sales figure and profit simultaneously by AI pricing model
  2. BI Tools Lead The Way Of Precise Marketing
    Centralized manage sales performance by BI
    Precise business insight and sales strategy
  3. e-Price Tag And Cloud Management
    Auto-updated e-price tag achieve higher sales effectiveness
    Cloud platform assists retail management and drives business scalability

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Event Details

Date: 2019 / 9 / 27 (FRI)
Time: 15:00—17:00
Venue: Room 1717-1718, 17th Floor, Star House, 3 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon.
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