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HCI has been welcomed by numerous enterprises.
What advantages are enjoyed by it?

  1. Prompt Deployment
    Get rid of professional system technology requirement, enhancing dominance of strategic deployment
  2. Cost Saving
    Cost of purchase, installation and management is reduced
  3. Improve Scalability
    Assist system to adopt more application in the market
  4. Simplify workload from IT infrastructure
    Easily operated, increasing daily operation efficiency

What application circumstance is covered by HCI?

  1. Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) Application
  2. Information Security
  3. Data Centre Integration
  4. Could Application


Wish to exert HCI’s advantage to embrace era of data?

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How to assist enterprise to embrace the era of data by HCI?

Since digital transformation has been taken into the top of agenda, entrepreneurs across the globe need to adopt brand-new method to master the most precious asset of them – data. Enterprise does not only need to overcome traditional challenges including time, technology and budget shortage, but also confronting explosively increasing and massive amount of data with the nature of dispersion, dynamic and diversity, of which have been substantially exceeding the past. As a platform, HCI can coordinate with various solutions such as cloud and VDI, etc., extracting value from data and shaping a comprehensive technical foundation. HCI platform offers necessary stability, scalability, function and guaranteed service quality, erasing different kinds of obstacle in course of transformation. Transformation of enterprise is advocated through utilizing data; amount of customer contact point is raised and operation can be optimized by improvement of innovative capability.