COVID-19 is an impeller making the whole world to change their working styles into a more flexible one. Gen Z is hitting the workplace. We can see everything makes the culture of the workplace change imperatively.

Here is the question: how to change the workplace? What elements should be there to make the workplace an intelligent productivity hub?

1. Flexibility

Flexibility is an important value in Gen Z’s mind while it does not mean laziness. On the contrary, Gen Z is diligent. They are willing to work nights and weekends1. What they concern is not the working time but the flexibility and autonomy in the work. Their productivity may be different in different periods of a day. If they are regulated to work within a particular period of a day, they may not be able to utilize their ability to make the maximum contribution to the enterprise. Thus, the policy of flexible working hours and remote work option is what Gen Z wants.

2. Collaboration

Some think Gen Z is more competitive and prefers to work independently so they do not care about teamwork and communication. The fact is the opposite. 90% of Gen Z wants to have face-to-face communications2. They value the meaningful communication with their mentors, teammates, and peers.
Real-time feedback can give them the confidence to succeed while suggestion guides them in the right way. Ways to share opinions formally and informally helps you keep Gen Z in your workforce.

3. Intelligence

Gen Z grows up with technology. According to Upwork, Gen Z does not fear the impact that technology will have on their working lives. Automated and easy-to-use programs coordinating activities or communication are their focus. Integrating applications and software into the workflow and allowing the anywhere and anytime access across any devices can also boost their productivity.

4. Privacy

“Gen Z would rather share socks than office space,” according to David Stillman.3 Gen Z no longer wants an open office. They need privacy. They enjoy order and predictability in the workplace. A personal space makes them focus on work. Instead of renovating the office, why not consider a remote workspace to enhance flexibility and cater to the needs of different generations?

Other than the workplace, Gen Z also needs privacy in communication to achieve work-life balance. Good collaboration tools make business communication separate from personal communication.

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